Why invest large sums in buildings?

Mobile inflatable structures can serve you in a variety of activities. With their sleek design and sensational look, these spaces attract attention as allowing you to promote your organization to develop new business opportunities or serve your fellow citizens.
They can be used as a warehouse, workshop, and factory or as an enclosure for events, trade shows, festivals, congresses, etc. in short, a flexible and versatile structure!
In addition, inflatable structures are easy to transport and install. Without reinforcement, they sit directly on the ground or on a flat surface.
The structure made of synthetic fabric, and the floor of the material selected for the needs are separable. Simply, it is about having on the ground and activate the blower and in a few minutes, the structure is inflated!
Also, you can organize, connect and adapt the freestanding structures freely without having to worry about the inconvenience caused by the support structures of traditional buildings.
Above all, this type of structure offers unparalleled brightness, and easy access through a variety of windows and door systems.
The solution to your needs!
Mobile inflatable structures are specially designed to be used among others for mobile or temporary workshops and even permanent warehouses, in order to protect workers, tools, parts and products of different sizes from the elements.
Mobile freestanding structures can be used by employees for a variety of activities and provide pressurized, clean, mosquito-proof and weather-resistant environments.
The mobile inflatable structures are all designed and built to meet the particular challenge and allows directly to operate in the field, minimizing travel and employee response time, since they have everything at hand.
The mobile freestanding structures are intended for companies who want to install temporary shelters that can serve as a workshop, but also warehouse, job post, plant for processing or even an enclosed space during social events, without investing large sums of money in buildings.
Freestanding mobile technology makes it possible to install one or more structures on a lot for a period of time to satisfy a need for temporary use or even for longer periods of operation.
All well thought
You want a safe location, allowing you to transform the surface or volume occupied by a commercial, social, political, sporting or artistic activity depending on the circumstances without the prohibitive costs related to the annual management of classic buildings?
Do you want a space that is polymorphic and transformable, allowing you to increase or decrease your ability to operate, in order to respond adequately to seasonal or temporary social or business situations?
Do you want to provide your employees, customers or citizens with an adequate, healthy and safe environment, both in winter and in summer?
You want your organization to get closer to the field of operations, in order to meet the needs of both business and social, depending on the type of use desired?
Do you want to differentiate your organization with a unique advertising space to promote your business, social or other enterprises?
Are you looking for a flexible and mobile alternative to traditional storage and transshipment space at a lower cost?
Are you looking for an industrial solution to better meet the seasonal or temporary surpluses or reductions for manufacturing your products?
Would you like as an elected official to provide your citizens with mobile structures enabling you to use materials processing tools, for example to offer locally improved waste treatment for a better ecological environment?
Looking to reduce your operating costs, your capitalization in real estate or your property taxes?
Freestanding mobile structures are the solution to your needs...
All Know-how adapted to the requirements of our customers
Absolute Hollywood mobile inflatable products are foremost an innovative and quality offer in the field of freestanding fabric architecture, benefiting from know-how and experience recognized worldwide.
Our business partner Absolute Hollywood manufactures top-of-the-line products with a sleek design that combine robustness and elegance. The Absolute industrial series is manufactured in Canada and the United-States by a skilled workforce with North American materials of the highest quality.
The know-how in the choice of air blowers and materials (polyester, PVC, polyethylene, etc.); as well as a constant search for new materials to create even more innovative products is the guarantee of satisfaction with our customers.
The quality control processes during manufacturing ensure a high level of finish, ensuring the longevity of the line of products offered.
All the fabrics used are water-repellent, anti-UV, anti-mold and comply with the standards of ignition delay. The materials used are durable, washable and especially waterproof.

In addition, Aérolande products offer additional heating, cooling and ventilation options.

Absolute Hollywood freestanding structures are safer; the products are tested for resistance to wind, sun, rain, sand, snow and ice, they protect employees and equipment from the rigors of the climate: cold, heat and bad weather.
The air of the structures is constantly renewed, and the blower is provided with a device for controlling the transmission power of the area inside the space. An air intake filter ensures an environment free of dust and allergenic material. In addition, the interior space of the freestanding structure is pressurized continuously which prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering the space.
Easy installation
Absolute Hollywood freestanding structures are easy to transport and can be installed directly on the ground or on a platform.
Absolute Hollywood line of industrial structures is easily foldable, easily stowed during transport and can easily be moved using a van, a semi-trailer truck and a transport container depending on the model.
The Absolute Hollywood specialists design for each mobile freestanding structure a training package for the installation and maintenance of the unit.
In addition, for a small fee, we can train your people on site.
A flexible modular concept
Your Absolute Hollywood freestanding structure project can be created according to our standard models, or we can imagine and design your custom mobile structure. All our models are flexible and allow other interconnected structures.
Customize your mobile structures so that they are unique!
Absolute Hollywood industrial products are 100% customizable. You can sublimate your logo or your design according to your tastes.Choose the number of units, colors, different models and dimensions to create a unique business environment, according to advantageous purchasing plans.Several optional accessories. Whether they are windows, doors, floors, ballast, air conditioning, heating, lighting, safety or mobility of the unit. Our specialists will advise you!

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