A facilitator can make all the difference!
  At almost all Companies there's an ongoing discussion about what the Company needs to be doing that it's currently not doing.
An outside strategic facilitator may be useful if you've never created an official marketing or sales plan before, or if you don't have any employees trained in performing the duties of a strategic planning facilitator. An outsider brings a fresh perspective that those inside the company may not have because they are too invested in the outcome. Furthermore, employees involved throughout the planning process can be more open with an outsider without fear of stepping on anyone's toes or alienating management.
An outside facilitator can bring a new perspective and enhanced experience to the table. When you have too many issues, making it difficult to pin down an effective strategy, an outsider may be better suited to help you pare down your priorities. An outside facilitator has only one job — to see you through the process. Internal employees have other job responsibilities, and may not be as committed as a paid consultant to give the planning process, the attention it deserves.
Disenfranchise Employees?
Bringing in an outside facilitator may disenfranchise employees who resent the interference from an outsider who doesn't share their stake in the company. Change is inevitable and all about adapting to new situations. All your employees must share the responsibility of carrying out your strategic plan and should play a role in forming that strategy. By including everyone and using the talents within your company, you will ensure employee buy-in and increase your chances of success.
Wrong Fit
You take a risk when bringing in a paid consultant. The facilitator may be ineffective and poorly equipped to deal with your company issues. A facilitator that doesn't connect well with your staff may cause them to feel manipulated and may make them unable to find appropriate solutions. You have developed a culture inside your company that revolves around various relationships and chains of command. That delicate balance may be disrupted when an outsider brings different techniques and management styles to the process. Finally, by relying on a professional to lead your strategic planning process, you and your staff can fail to develop the skills to perform the duties'. When it comes, time to evaluate the results of your progress, you may have to continue to rely on outside help.
Change is inevitable.
Think about your business. What changes have taken place in the last year? What about in the last five years? There is one thing you can count on it's change. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's restaurant chain, was asked when he was going to stop growing the company; he said, "Never, when you're growing you know you're alive, when you're ripe, you begin to rot." Having professional assistance helps you anticipate and plan for change so you are not as likely to be caught off guard. Your marketing plan is a living document and should be reviewed and modified according to the changes to your business, industry and markets.
A Coach before all
Coaching includes an array of services customized to meet each individual client's needs. For example, coaching and mentoring are frequently utilized to address significant events such as the implementation of strategic marketing strategies and modernization of sales programs. Also, it may be appropriate to help an organization in implementing change, adapting to the latest management techniques, or assisting in the transition to a different business model. By facilitating these events, the facilitator can help an organization make the desired changes in a more rapid and orderly manner.
Tools to help:
Intellectual Assets Management
Manage your Assets
Change Management Workshops
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What is your Branding Strategy?

Properly developing and implementing a branding strategy can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your business. Having the right promotional materials, effective marketing messages and visual designs for both online and offline will help you increase sales leads and sales conversions. If you market with sales letters, fliers, brochures, catalogs or on the Internet, then the message you are sending through your corporate branding, product branding and promotional materials must make an impact.

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