Who we are
Our Professional Business Advisors are initiators, facilitators, leaders and trainers coming from a variety of industries. Most of them are past business executives who bring state of the art problem-solving techniques, expertise, coaching and implementation skills to help you take your organization to a high-performance state.
Our Company
Force Marketing and technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of WebTech Management and Publishing Incorporated an international network of specialists offering Re-imagining, Innovation and Transformation that help organizations and enterprises in attaining greater success through the effective execution of change on a project-by-project approach.

Companies for wich WebTech has business interests or Partnerships

Company's Services
Force-Marketing provides its customers with high-impact results that are effective and sustainable through advice and sales assistant.
Company's Products
Force-marketing provide's customers besides advisory services, high technological Mobile and Displays products with results that are effective and profit generating.
Our company stands for
Experienced: Our professional business advisors have a diverse background, proven business experience, and are trained in management consulting.
Knowledgeable: All professional business advisors continue their education with ongoing training in innovative state-of-the-art management techniques.
Rapid: We enable you to identify the change needed and implement it quickly.
Sustainable: We help you in developing cross-functional performance measures to monitor and motivate employees in a continuous profit improvement environment.
Our customers are from
Financial institutions, real estate, manufacturing, distribution, information technology, telecommunications, transport and government — Justice, Defense, Health.
Our company's record
Over the past 20 years, we have created ground breaking innovative solutions for some of the toughest business and technical problems.
Our company's reputation
Most of our consultants have Contracted and Managed for the last 30 years. Our good reputation is base on the proven ability to build new organizations, reorganize troubled operations or expand into international markets. Our consultants and business facilitators have extensive international experience trough living and working in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.
What we propose you
Help you grow your business and make money!






You can contact-us by email or reach us at:
Facilitator, Author, Speaker
Germain Decelles      
President, o.s.j., MBA
Force Marketing and Technologies Inc. 
17, Marien Avenue,
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
H1B 4T8
Phone (514) 575-3427
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Vice-President - international Marketing & Sales
George Klein
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